Miscarriage Support Group – November
Miscarriage Support Group in November

Miscarriages affect everyone differently. For many, this event is not only sad but also filled with isolation and secrecy. In our culture, many of us don’t mention a pregnancy until after 12 weeks or even later. If you’ve lost a baby and you’ve never told anyone, who do you turn to for support? On the […]

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Miscarriage Support Group

On the second Tuesday of every month, we host a support group at 6:30 p.m., here at Centered Wisdom. We create a safe space for you to drop in and talk about your miscarriage. It doesn’t matter if this is your first or your fifth. It doesn’t matter if you carried the child or someone […]

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The Trouble with Doubt

I recently read a great blog post over at Don’t Settle Group, 11 Ways to Murder Self Doubt. This really spoke to me after my last post about finding small victories during your day. Doubt has a way of sneaking into your life in all sorts of little ways. And a little doubt is helpful. […]

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