Trained in Education with an emphasis on Mental Health, Shab has a master’s degree in Education Counseling and is registered with the Board of Behavioral Sciences as an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor.

Shab works with individuals of all ages to support a wide range of mental health needs and to promote the well-being and cultivation of salubrious behaviors. Shab believes that her role is to hold space for clients’ innate wisdom to unfold. This allows clients to return to their highest self and break through the layers of trauma and social conditioning that obscure a sense of wholeness. As a therapist, Shab uses a person-centered, relationship-oriented, mindfulness-based, and holistic orientation.

Shab’s approach to therapy is warm, compassionate, and engaged. She will listen deeply, provide a non-judgmental space, and support you in identifying what is important to you.  Shab thinks critically about how to best serve and collaborate with clients to work towards their goals while identifying and supporting them in re-framing limiting beliefs that might impede their goals. Shab believes the therapeutic alliance is foundational for all therapeutic work and places a lot of importance on cultivating trust with each client.

Outside of work, Shab likes to spend time outdoors hiking and kayaking, reading, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family.

Shab Farhoomand, APCC #6918 is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor supervised by Nina Frank, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist LMFT #83963.

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