Currently Centered Wisdom is offering two virtual groups relevant to current circumstances of COVID-19:

  • Parenting Young Children During a Pandemic¬†is a support group targeted to parents who are coping with sheltering-in-place with young children ages 0-7. Find out more and register here.
  • Centered Wisdom’s Teen Support helps high school age adolescents stay centered in the midst of the pandemic’s chaos. Registration info coming soon.

Sometimes we need a community that understands what is happening in our life. Being around others who are trying to navigate the difficult emotions and unique situations that we are in become the lifeline that keeps us going. If this sounds like something that might help, please reach out to find a group that allows you to be yourself and support you during this challenging time.

There are two main types of groups that might be taught at our practice at this time:

  • A Process Group¬†is usually ongoing with people dropping in and out. This is for people who are trying to process their emotions and build a community. They will stay for as long as they find this group helpful.
  • A Skills or Support Group is helpful for those people who want to learn some new skills for managing a situation. This group is typically closed, runs for a specific period of time and a person signs up for the whole series as each skill builds on the last.

The Bay Area has some great groups in addition to our offerings. If we are not running a group that works for you, please reach out to tell us of your interest. If you are a current client, please ask your therapist and she or he would be happy to refer you to a group in the area.

Please give us a Call or Request an Appointment now if you are looking for a safe place to discuss whatever is on your mind.