Relationships are rewarding and challenging, our greatest support and our biggest irritant. If you are looking for some support and guidance as you navigate your relationship we can help.

We focus on three major areas of Couples Counseling:

  • Premarital Counseling which is usually about 8 weeks long. Each week consists of talking about a topic such as money, fighting fairly, children, and values.
  • Couples Counseling is for those who need help currently. We come from an Emotion Focused Therapy approach and Gottman’s workbook. This means that while you will learn communication skills, the focus is on regaining your friendship and your trust in each other.
  • Co-Parenting for those with shared custody. You may currently be in a relationship or you may already be divorced. Either way, all you seem able to do is fight about the children. Our focus on Co-Parenting starts with values, finding your mutual respect and ends with a plan that is flexible enough for your life.

Areas we do not focus on include domestic violence, polyamory relationships, and mediation during a divorce. These areas have unique challenges and we would be happy to provide a reference to some of the amazing professionals around the area who do specialize in these areas.

Please give us a Call or Request an Appointment now if you are looking for a safe place to discuss whatever is on your mind.