The Trouble with Doubt

I recently read a great blog post over at Don’t Settle Group, 11 Ways to Murder Self Doubt. This really spoke to me after my last post about finding small victories during your day. Doubt has a way of sneaking into your life in all sorts of little ways. And a little doubt is helpful. […]

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Light on a dark day
Celebrating victories

Having a hard day, week, year, or even decade can become soul crushing. When we go through our days and all we hear is every way that we messed up, or we could be doing better, or even the small frustrations that become overwhelming, staying hopeful can seem impossible. A very bad, no good, day […]

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Finding our Patience

Patience is one of those funny virtues always talks about. We talk about how we need more of it or why doesn’t someone else ever have any? It’s also one of those virtues that many a friend or client describes as out of reach, a sort of “If I only had it, my life would […]

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New Year’s Intentions vs. Resolutions

Toss the Resolutions We all know that new year’s resolutions don’t have a good rep for being long lived (estimated 92% failure rate.) That said, I love using the new year as a time to reflect and set an intention. Instead of obsessing about counting calories, making aggressive gym regimens or devising a meticulous budget—choosing […]

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