Grieving at your own pace
Chinese woman releasing lantern to the sky

There is no time table for grief. There is no comparison chart saying you should only be this sad for this type of loss and you can be this sad for that type of loss. Your loss is your loss. Your sadness and pain are your sadness and pain. And only time, healing, and acceptance will gentle your grief into a part you carry with you.

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New Year’s Intentions vs. Resolutions

Toss the Resolutions We all know that new year’s resolutions don’t have a good rep for being long lived (estimated 92% failure rate.) That said, I love using the new year as a time to reflect and set an intention. Instead of obsessing about counting calories, making aggressive gym regimens or devising a meticulous budget—choosing […]

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The Trouble with Doubt

I recently read a great blog post over at Don’t Settle Group, 11 Ways to Murder Self Doubt. This really spoke to me after my last post about finding small victories during your day. Doubt has a way of sneaking into your life in all sorts of little ways. And a little doubt is helpful. […]

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Light on a dark day
Celebrating victories

Having a hard day, week, year, or even decade can become soul crushing. When we go through our days and all we hear is every way that we messed up, or we could be doing better, or even the small frustrations that become overwhelming, staying hopeful can seem impossible. A very bad, no good, day […]

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Finding our Patience

Patience is one of those funny virtues always talks about. We talk about how we need more of it or why doesn’t someone else ever have any? It’s also one of those virtues that many a friend or client describes as out of reach, a sort of “If I only had it, my life would […]

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Mindful of the Holidays

The holidays, while fun and often filled with family and joy, can also be stressful. This is in the best of circumstances. Each of us also has a story of the Holiday dinner that was a nightmare because of a family drama that is unique to each family as each goose’s wobble. Maybe you will […]

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Three practical tips to help your team with work life balance
Practical Work Life Balance

Whether your company talks about work/life balance or uses phrases like self-care, everybody seems to talk a big game without really making a change in how everyday workers can accomplish this task. Below are a few common sense but very practical tips that teams or those in middle management can take to help set the […]

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Suicide Prevention Month

Well, it’s September which means that it is Suicide Prevention Month. This is a hard topic to talk about at any time but it is also hard to talk about this month when so much of our attention is on national news like Hurricane Harvey and Irma or the young adults and children affected by […]

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Building morale one team meeting at a time
team building

Middle management is not a fun job to have. Your executives give vague guidelines like “We know we have bad morale, YOU fix it.” And the rank and file don’t accept that you don’t set raises and don’t personally have the CEO’s ear so you can tell him to just commit already to a vision. […]

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Taking away a cell phone

We all love our kids. We can’t help it, besides biology, kids have amazing smiles and laughs and passion; even when they are yelling “I hate you”. Having said that, even the most amazing angels have their moment in the sun where they break the rules. It’s normal, it’s healthy, and we want them to, […]

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