At Centered Wisdom, we believe the human spirit has an inherent capacity and desire for contentment. However, in a fast-paced, competitive and technology-dependent culture we often end up alienated from our natural state of human compassion.

Centered Wisdom was born out of a desire to ease the challenges of life and elevate the consciousness of the human psyche one conversation at a time. Our team of bright, caring coaches and psychotherapists are passionate about you living a joyful life. We provide insight and guidance to individuals, couples and families for greater inner and outer peace.

Much thought went into naming our work. Centered Wisdom honors that within every human being is a profound and deep wisdom. When we are centered in ourselves and in our lives we have access to a deeper knowing. Making choices and living life consciously becomes effortless and we experience a sense of enlivenment, empowerment, and contentment.

Our counseling and coaching work draws upon a variety of methodologies from ontology, positive psychology, spirituality, and mindfulness. Centered Wisdom’s approach is customized with the client to meet their specific personal and/or professional intentions. We work with individuals, families, teams and organizations to optimize for inner and outer harmony.