Toss the Resolutions

We all know that new year’s resolutions don’t have a good rep for being long lived (estimated 92% failure rate.) That said, I love using the new year as a time to reflect and set an intention. Instead of obsessing about counting calories, making aggressive gym regimens or devising a meticulous budget—choosing the energy we want to step into for the year ahead can be far more powerful. Setting an intention creates a mindset that allows us to toss the restrictive rules. For instance we may set an intention for health or prosperity. Throughout the year we continue to focus on that desire rather than trying to control this, that or the other.

The Ritual

For the last few years my girlfriends and I have enjoyed a fun ritual of picking a word to represent our intentions for the year. This allows us to feel into that possibility and make a conscious choice for what we want to cultivate in our lives that year. Examples of words we’ve selected in the past include: “Joie de Vivre”, “Independence”, “Passion”, and “Build.”

Sometimes the words ended up being counterintuitive like the time my friend chose the word “Love” and experienced more professional heartache than ever because she opened her heart fully to her work but didn’t attract the life partner she expected. The next year she focused on “Build” to build the life she wanted and that’s when Mr. Right appeared.

My Intention

This year my word is “Connection”. I’m looking to experience more connection with myself, with my clients, with my colleagues and with the world at large. Connection recharges me and in a profession that’s often about being a mirror to others, sometimes I lose sight of the fact that I’m a human being with wants, needs and desires. Rather than slip into too much of a Freudian blank screen, the word “Connection” reminds me that I’m in the room with my clients as a real human being who is authentically connected to the human being sitting before me. I know that “Connection” will bring more healing to both my clients and to myself. It will allow me to feel seen and show up more fully in the world.

Looking forward to seeing what this intention opens up personally and professionally in 2018!


What’s your word or intention for 2018? Comment below.

Happy New Year 🙂

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  • Jacqui

    My word of the year is Community 🙂 – can’t wait for all that 2018 will bring!

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